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tv   BBC World News  WHUT  September 7, 2011 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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>> this is "bbc world news." funding for this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. and union bank. >> union bank has put its financial strength to work for a wide range of companies, from
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small businesses to major corporations. what can we do for you? >> and now, "bbc world news." >> a deadly bomb in delhi's high court. 10 people are killed and dozens more injured. the second explosion of the building in five months. the capital city and mumbai are on high alert. >> welcome to gmt. i am naga munchetty. new research shows that no exercise and bad diets are fuelling a cancer crisis worse than the aids epidemic. >> find out who has won the prestigious mercury prize for
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the second time. it is midday in london, 7:00 a.m. in washington, and 4:30 p.m. in the indian capital, delhi. the building is in the heart of the capital. it went off at just after 10:00 a.m. in the morning. more than 50 people were injured. both delhi and the financial capital andmumbai, are on high alert -- the financial capital, mumbai, are on high alert. >> it took place shortly after 10:00 a.m. in the morning as people were streaming in. police say the bomb was hidden inside a briefcase and placed next to the entrance, creating panic as it went off. >> you can see the counter is in
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shambles. >> the emergency services were quick to arrive, taking the wounded to local hospitals. many of the victims were badly wounded. forensic experts have been gathering evidence, even as special units were brought in as a security measure. >> the blast area has been cordoned off. police and special units are in place, not just to carry out the investigation, but also to keep a curious public and the media at bay. this is just outside the main gate of the delhi high court. at the time of the attack, this place was milling with people. wednesday is a day when a large number of cases are heard. the intent was to affect as many people as possible. no word on who might have carried out the attack, the worse on the capital in three years. in parliament, the prime
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minister said it would not resolve.dia's >> we are clear in our mind. there's no cause that will justify terrorist acts. >> india is not new to attacks to these kinds. in the past, they have been blamed on home ground terror groups. for now, delhi and other indian cities have been placed on high alert as the authorities scramble to get their heads around this latest incident. >> we will have more on that incident in delhi later on in the program. it has also been in attack -- been an attack in pakistan in the southwest of the country. the bombing struck the city of quetta, near the country's border with afghanistan. according to official, it was carried out with the local --
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carried out by the local group. >> it happened a few days after the pakistani army said it captured the three senior members of al-qaeda in the city. at about 9:00 a.m. local time, two large explosions happened. the target, police believe, was the home of a senior military officer. members of his family have been killed and many more were injured. over 40 people have been injured. other people from the paramilitary frontier corps have also been injured. this was one of the units that was involved in a resting -- involved in arresting al-qaeda units. many people, of course, are linking the arrests to this
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attack. >> let's take a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world today. negotiations have stalled in libya. bani walid is one of the few strongholds still under control. the libyan leader's whereabouts are unknown. the national transitional council set a saturday deadline. the secretary general of the arab league has been expected to convey the arab block on the crackdown on protesters. in egypt, security inside and outside the courts where the trial of former -- where the trial of the former president resumes. mubarak is charged with ordering the shooting of protesters during the uprising that toppled
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him. in indonesia, it is believed that a 50-year-old man has been eaten by his own seven dogs. the man was on a two-week holiday. it was reported that the dogs had not eaten or had any water during that time. world leaders are urged to tackle a looming health crisis. new research says 12 million cases of cancer have been diagnosed every day. they want the issue at the top of the agenda at the special united nations summit. >> a growing public health disaster. that's the warning today has new figures show how lack of exercise and poor diet cause millions of unnecessary deaths, not just from heart and lung disease and diabetes, but also from cancer. around the world, there are 12 million new cancer cases per year, up by 20% in a decade.
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a quarter of those cases are estimated to be linked to diet, lack of physical activity, and being overweight. china is one fast-growing country where fear of famine has been replaced by the blight of obesity. governments here and the rest of the world are beginning to envision the spiraling cost of health care. programs like this to encourage exercise have been set up, but many believe it will take agreement at the international level to put political muscle behind it comes to improve people's lifestyle. it will mean changing the eating and exercise habits of whole nations. pressure from tv advertising and the low price of junk food undermine health. >> let's get more on this and speak to dr. thompson, the deputy head of cancer. by putting this at the top of
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the u.n. summit later this month, what difference will that make? >> is a once in a lifetime opportunity for governments to attend the summit and to put together a commitment, to make a commitment, to actually tackled the burden of cancer. >> if they have not made these commitments so far to educate people to make it more easy for people to eat healthy -- we have seen that diet is one of the issues when it comes to the increase of cancer. >> things are going on. we are paying attention. this is different. this is a much higher priority. it's only the second time a health issue has been discussed in this way at the u.n. summit. the previous one was 10 years ago with hiv.
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we know there are about 2.8 million cases of cancer each year around the world that are due to people having a poor diet, not being physically active, or being overweight or obese. this is going to rise. this is important. >> why is it going to rise now? >> one of the reasons is that this is not just a problem in high in come, highly developed countries. it's also a problem in all parts .f the world's we are likely to see the same rights and obesity. it's important that we do something before it gets too bad. >> when you look at all of us,
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every day people -- who should we turn to to make our lives more healthy? >> it is the role of everyone. we have a part to play ourselves. sometimes it is not that easy and there are people need to make it easier for us. we published a glossy report in 2009 that looks at -- we published a policy of report in 2009 that follows all the people who can help us. that ranged from people like the united nations to governments to the food industry to schools. there were nine different groups. we all need to work together to make cancer a high priority. by doing this, we can make an impact.
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it is the role of everybody, really. we cannot say it is just the government. >> dr. thompson, thank you very much. still to come on gmt -- saab files for bankruptcy. also, violence flares along the contentious border between sudan and its newly independent southern neighbor. the government has killed two military personnel and a civilian at a restaurant in the u.s. state of nevada -- a gunman has killed two military personnel and a civilian at a restaurant in the u.s. state of nevada. >> the international house of pancakes, better known as ihop, just a few miles. witnesses say a man pulled up in
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a blue minivan, shot and wounded one man outside the restaurant, and then opened fire on those inside. five uniformed members of the national guard and several civilians were having breakfast at the time. the carson city sheriff has confirmed that the scene were military personnel. >> the deceased persons, at least two of the three, appeared to be military folks. we're working very closely with the attorneys general's office, the department of public safety, the fbi, and the national guard to work out the details. >> at least six others were injured in the shooting and have been taken to hospitals. some are said to be in critical condition and are undergoing emergency surgery. police were called to the scene by a member of the public who reported hearing gunshots. gunman has been named as the 32- year-old, eduardo sencion.
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he had reportedly shot himself when police arrived. he was taken to a hospital, but later died of his wounds. investigation is already under way, but it's not yet known whether he deliberately targeted members of the national guard. residents of the nevada state capitol say they are deeply shocked by the attack. >> this is gmt from "bbc world news." i am naga munchetty. highb blast at delhi's court in india. and people are killed. dozens more are injured. joining us from our delhi bureau is a security analyst. take all for joining us today. what has gone wrong? why has there not been enough security in place to prevent
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something like this happening at the high court for the second time in five months? >> clearly, there has been a lapse as far as the existing security regiment and the intelligence infrastructure in the delhi high court area. we had an attempt in may of this year, which, luckily, was not successful. the delhi high court has been attacked in this manner again in september. it clearly points to a lapse in the existing security procedure. the fact that the intelligence network, which should have been working overtime to investigate the may attempt, had not been successful in that. it is a security lapse. >> what is next? i am sure the security forces will be on high alert and will have to raise their game. >> absolutely.
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we had an attack in july in mumbai. the pattern now is that many in india are becoming high-profile, high visibility. across the board, the indian security establishment has to acquire the capacity and the determination to prevent an attack of this nature. that, of course, is easier said than done. in mumbai in 2008 and mumbai again in july 2011 and now delhi in september to if ever there was a need for a wake-up there is.uld say it requires the capacity and the capability. >> how secured do you think
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citizens in mumbai will be appealing now at the financial capital -- how secure do you think the citizens in mumbai will be feeling now at the financial capital? a i would say there's commendable degree of resilience. for any democracy -- when the attacks took place in london and now we're coming up on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 in new york -- i think this is a real challenge. it has made urban centers, airports, the high court -- a target. the state has a responsibility to bring more capacity and determination, which is not the
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case. i say that with some regret. india has not been able to learn the appropriate lessons and create the type of capacity we need to preempt attacks. this is something the indian prime minister has been trying to do. >> we are grateful for your insights. thank you. violence has erupted once again in sudan, raising the concerns over the continuing lack of humanitarian access. thousands fled after fighting erupted last week by the army and forces linked to the people's liberation movement. tensions have been high in states along the border of the two countries since the south declared independence in july. >> a show of force in an uncertain time.
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the government troops chased out the rebels. both sides accuse the other of firing the first shot. the president announced a state of emergency. the new governor is bullish about the way he deals with the rebels. >> in internal security operations, we use the minimum possible forced. in the case of outside operations, we use the appropriate force. >> probably more than 100,000 people have been displaced by the fighting. authorities say only a few people were killed, but it is difficult to say for sure. the rebels also say civilians have been killed and aerial bombardments in the south of the
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state. this has been denied. the government wants to stress life is getting back to normal. >> [speaking foreign language] >> the population is more than 250,000. nearly half of them fled the city, but they're now on their way back. >> the rebels, who recently won independence for south sudan -- these men were left stranded north of the international border. they are now the ones fighting the government in blue nile. sudan accuses south sudan of supporting the rebels -- a charge the new country denies. there's no doubt they have won the battle for the area. fighting rumbles on in the south of the state. blue nile is now added to the painful list of complex.
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james copnall, damazin. >> we know it is wrong to be dumped on the phone. >> the boss of the internet firm, yahoo!, has been ousted. carol bartz has been replaced by the chief financial officer, tim morse, effective immediately. she said she was fired over the phone by the chairman. the question is, why did the board fire carol bartz? >> there's a perception carol bartz was focused on increased traffic at the time we have visitors to the website and the time of the royal wedding and the japanese tsunami, and not real issues like declining advertising revenues. as an internet company, it does not lead in any one sector.
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>> let's move on and talk about the swedish car maker, saab. it has filed for bankruptcy protection. applied for a voluntary reorganization to a swedish court. the firm said it was a way of assuring it short-term stability and attracting additional funding. they have been struggling to pay their staff, as well as their suppliers. saab is trying to make deals with two chinese firms. if successful, it could be a total investment of $400 million. is that enough to reverse misfortunes? >> it could cost up to 1 billion pounds to get a new car to market. development costs are huge. longer-term, they need much bigger investments and a much bigger partner. if i was a chinese investor, i would think, will i put money
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into this firm, or will i let it go bust and pick up the pieces? i fear we are seeing a slow motion replay. >> let's move on. as we've been hearing, germany's top court has ruled german parliament should have a greater say in any future bailout funds. germany has sunk 200 billion euros into funds to rescue greece, ireland, and portugal. will the court ruling make it slower and more difficult for any future eurozone bailouts? >> parliament can slow things down, but as we saw in may last year, if tensions are really elevated, but the german parliament can vote in a few days. this is a hurdle. it should not add a lot of
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market anxiety. >> there's a bit of a rebound today. single driver. there were better than expected -- there was a u.s. survey out yesterday that was better than expected. also, continued speculation that washington may unveil the $300 billion package to create new jobs is a factor. president obama is making this big speech tomorrow, on thursday. we've been waiting on this for some time. the whole idea, hopefully, is to get americans back to work. the dismal august numbers showed the world's largest economy created net zero growth. >> thank you very much. the british singer-songwriter p.j. harvey has become the only artist to win the prestigious
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mercury prize on separate occasions. she beat soul star adele for her album, "let england shake." >> p.j. harvey. [applause] >> p.j. harvey, the winner of this year's mercury price. the judges decided that she should take the award for album of the year for a second time. this year saw a variety of artists, like the wildly successful adele. her album may have far outsold any other in 2011 on both sides of the atlantic, but in the end, p.j. harvey's record, "let england shake," was deemed most deserving of the prize. the album is inspired by war and conflict. >> obviously, the last time,
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september 11, i was in washington, d.c. like anyone else who was shocked -- it was a very surreal day and a very strange day to receive a prize. >> winning before was a landmark event in p.j. harvey's career. winning again tonight underlines her position as one of the most enduring in the music industry. >> looks like a fun night. you can read much more on our top stories on the bbc websit. we've compiled a picture gallery of some of the images from the bombing in delhi. just go to that's all for the moment. stay with us on "bbc world news."
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there's plenty more to come from the gmt team. >> make sense of international news at >> funding was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. and union bank.
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